The acronym TIMTOWTDI

In the world of Perl programming language, there is an acronym TIMTOWTDI (pronounced "Tim Todi"). This abbreviation means the phrase "There's more than one way to do it" — "There is more than one way to do it."

The idea behind this phrase is that the Perl language provides different tools which you can use. In some situations it is better to solve the problem one way, under other circumstances, a different method would be preferable.

There are so many different factors. Sometimes you just need to quickly write code. Sometimes you need to do code that will be easy to maintain for many years. Sometimes you need to make the code which works fast. Sometimes it is important to make a super solid code, which considers all the details and sometimes need a code that can only cope with certain situations.

Many conditions are in conflict with others. The idea of language is that Perl gives the ability to the programmer to decide by what means and how it will solve the problem.

This idea suggests that in different situations different solutions are the best. But there is absolutely no thoughts always the same problem must be solved otherwise. No, the same tasks in the same conditions you need to decide equally, but the same tasks in different conditions can be solved in different ways.

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